Cronos (CRO) Mainnet V1.3 Upgrade Scheduled at Block Height 14,920,000

Cronos (CRO) Mainnet V1.3 Upgrade Scheduled at Block Height 14,920,000

The Cronos (CRO) blockchain is set to undergo a significant upgrade with the upcoming Mainnet V1.3, aimed at enhancing backward compatibility and RPC improvements. According to the Cronos Newsletter, the upgrade is scheduled to occur at block height 14,920,000, expected around Thursday, July 18, 2024, at 7 AM GMT (3 PM HKT/SGT).

Upgrade Details

The upgrade is designed to improve the network’s overall performance and reliability. It will introduce enhancements in backward compatibility and Remote Procedure Call (RPC) functionalities, ensuring a more seamless experience for developers and users alike. The specific block height for the upgrade is 14,920,000, and the estimated time can be tracked here.

Network Downtime

During the upgrade, the Cronos network will experience a downtime of approximately 60 minutes. This downtime is necessary for validators to upgrade their nodes to the new version. Services such as the Cronos mainnet network, public RPCs, Explorer, and the Cronos bridge will be temporarily paused and will resume once the upgrade is completed.

Impact on End-users

End-users can expect the network to be temporarily unavailable during the upgrade period. However, all data will be preserved, and normal operations will resume once the majority of validators have completed their upgrades. The estimated time for the block height can be monitored here.


Instructions for Node Operators

Node operators are required to upgrade their node binaries to stay in sync with the chain. Detailed instructions for the upgrade can be found in the Cronos documentation. It is crucial that operators do not upgrade to the new binary version, v1.3.0, before reaching the specified block height, as it will be incompatible with the current chain.

The community is encouraged to reach out to the Cronos team via the #cronos-mainnet channel on the Cronos Discord server for any questions or comments regarding the upgrade.

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