Casio debuted the “Virtual G-Shock” community program

Casio debuted the "Virtual G-Shock" community program

The world-renowned electronics giant Casio is bringing its iconic G-Shock watch in the non-fungible realm through the latest venture. The brand has recently unveiled the launch of the ‘VIRTUAL G-SHOCK’, a community-driven program focused on co-creation and interaction. 

The core concept behind the project is to unite people in one place where they can connect, create, collaborate, and have fun. Casio firmly believes that “excitement begins when we all come together.” Thus, it aspires to have this newly-forged community embark on an adventure, hand-in-hand with G-SHOCK, and craft new stories.

To get access to the VIRTUAL G-SHOCK, launched on Discord, all willing need to get one of 15,000 G-SHOCK creator passes on the Polygon blockchain, available for free since September 26th. Meanwhile, those registered as CASIO ID members will be allowed to the advance distribution, scheduled for September 23rd. A step-by-step guide on minting the pass is available via the link. In addition to community access, this membership offers a bunch of perks for holders, such as participation in a variety of experiential projects.

Takahashi Oh, senior general manager of Casio’s timepiece division, sounded the brand’s ambitions in the metaverse. 


“For example, in a metaverse linked to the NFT, we would like to realize a world where many avatars wear wristwatches and G-Shocks, just like in the real world,” he said. “In order to realize this world, we would like to cultivate virtual fans through the co-creation project and increase the number of friends who will work together to create the future that Virtual G-Shock is aiming for.” 

Active participation within the community will be rewarded with special privileges, with the rewards increasing based on the level of activity. Naturally, the more a participant contributes, the higher his level will be. Priority access to new projects and NFT purchasing are among the perks of the highest levels. 

Casio has also announced the G-SHOCK Creator Pass Color Design Contest where community members have a unique opportunity to shape the design elements of the pass, including colors, materials, and patterns. The winning design will be proudly featured as the official look of the G-SHOCK Creator Pass.

One of the next stages of the VIRTUAL G-SHOCK program is getting community members involved into collaborating with each other on creating designs and developing wearable accessories alongside the company. Furthermore, the release and sale of 3D model G-SHOCK NFTs (tentative name) are scheduled for December, providing the entire community with a chance to grace new and meaningful experiences. 

Similar Web3 loyalty programs, emphasizing community with the element of co-creation, have already been launched by Lacoste and Tommy Hilfiger in partnership with DressX. Casio’s VIRTUAL G-SHOCK is a significant initiative for fostering deeper connections within its community, highlighting the importance of collaboration and active engagement. Cultivating a community of collaborators, the electronics brand builds loyalty while giving its dedicated members well-deserved recognition and perks for their involvement.

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