Everything Everywhere All at Once dominated 95th Academy Awards ceremony

In addition to winning the Oscar for best picture in 2023, Everything Everywhere All at Once also took home six additional statuettes, including those for Best Director, Original Screenplay Film Editing, Actress, and Supporting Actor and Actress.

Anybody who watched this year’s, during which the audience applauded wildly every time the film’s name was announced, knew that the triumph for best picture was no longer a surprise about halfway through the presentation.

As per reports, a year ago, Everything Everywhere All at Once made its world premiere at the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas, and gradually, word began to spread about this peculiar, disorganized, but emotionally moving film.

Some courageous individuals even said this might be Michelle Yeoh’s Oscar movie, but at that time, it was very much wishful thinking rather than anything else.

Since its debut, Everything Everywhere All at Once has truly been everywhere, and it has also been everything. This has been the case for the past year.

This is not to be overly simplistic about it, but on the surface, this is a genre movie, a weird and quirky science fiction film about a multiverse that features hot dog fingers, Raccacoonie, and a giant nihilistic bagel.

If sources are to be believed, most of the star cast is not white. Moreover, there was no shortage of convenient Oscar bait contenders, which refers to the kind of sombre and earnest dramas that check all of the usual boxes.

In addition to the Fabelmans and Elvis, ‘’All Quiet on the Western Front” was also a candidate for the award.

The genuine shock element of Everything Everywhere All at Once victory hasn’t had the same impact as if it had been a surprise since the film has been so dominant at virtually all of the award shows that have taken place leading up to the Oscars.

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