Beta Edition of Bluesky, is Now Available on the Apple App Store: Report

A brand-new social media application has just been released. This one is known as Bluesky, and it was developed by Jack Dorsey, who was the founder of Twitter as well as its former CEO. Bluesky released its beta version on the Apple app store on Tuesday for anyone to try it.

Bluesky was at first conceived of as a “decentralized social network” in 2019 that would function as an extension of Twitter. But, it eventually split off to establish its own platform.

The Firm made the announcement that it was going its own way at the beginning of the previous year by writing on Twitter that “Both Twitter and Bluesky realized that our independence is important to the success of the project.

Those who are interested in participating can enter their email addresses to be placed on a waiting list to gain access to the Beta app, which can only be downloaded from the App Store after receiving an invitation to do so.

The user interface of Bluesky is very similar to that of Twitter, with a few minor differences, such as asking “What’s up?” rather than “What’s happening” in the text box.

However, Bluesky streamlines the process by including a plus button that allows users to add 256 characters and the option to add photos.

As per reports, it will also provide users the ability to view updates on the Home timeline, which will have feeds that are separated into posts and posts and replies.

According to Dorsey, he thinks Bluesky will operate independently from Twitter in a way that will slow down the content regulation on larger platforms and lessen the influence they have in selecting who is accountable for monitoring information.

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