Ryu, Zangief Are Coming Back in VR, New Street Fighter Trailer Reveals

One of the most well-known video game franchises ever is Street Fighter. In Japan in the late 1980s, the traditional beat-em-up game initially emerged on arcade machines.

Like the original game in the series, Street Fighter VR was initially exclusively playable in Japanese arcades. From the beginning of February, Plaza Capcom in Hiroshima has been hosting a public game test.

A VR game based on the property is now being released more than thirty years after its first release.

Yet, it wasn’t until the second episode and the series’ transition to home consoles that it truly started to take off.

A second test phase will see the installation of a Street Fighter VR equipment at the Miraino Aeon Mall in Toyokawa beginning in April.

The internal arcade of publisher Capcom has a variety of coin-operated devices, including several VR games.

It features various iconic Street Fighter characters that are evocative of Street Fighter 5’s comic book aesthetic.

As the immersive gaming devices were shown, the development firm Capcom promptly posted a trailer on its own website.

Street Fighter VR is played from the first-person perspective rather than the standard head-to-head view of the console versions.

The karate fighter Ryu and the Russian wrestler Zangief are featured in the gameplay clip.

After the VR arcade testing, it is unknown whether or when the game will receive a broader distribution or perhaps a conversion for PlayStation or Meta Quest 2 (review).

Fans should not, however, have too high of expectations. Perhaps just a PR stunt for the imminent release of the most recent series installment, the little VR spin-off.

The trailer features several assaults that players will almost certainly just use their hands for. The energy blast Shoryuken, Ryu’s traditional hallmark move, is also included.

A fan-made adaptation of the well-known classic Street Fighter II for Meta Quest 2 may be found on the Side quest.

Although there isn’t an official at-home VR game for the franchise yet, Ryu, Ken, and company are still available for VR enthusiasts.

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