Spotify Brings AI DJ Feature to Deliver a More Personalized Experience

A completely new way to listen on Spotify and engage even more deeply with the artists users love is being introduced by the streaming music service Spotify in the form of a new tool called “AI DJ”.

As per the reports, the function will provide a hand-picked selection of songs along with comments about the songs and artists that they believe one will enjoy, all of which will be delivered in a voice that is incredibly lifelike.

It should come as no surprise that Spotify already incorporates plenty of tailored listening options into its service. Some examples of these include the Daily Mix and Discovery Weekly auto-generated playlists.

The distinctive feature of DJ is that it integrates the personalization features of Spotify with generative artificial intelligence by making use of tools developed by OpenAI to give users insightful facts about the music, artists, or genres they are listening to.

Spotify says it put AI technology in the hands of its music editors to present a more personalized experience.

The Spotify DJ will scan new releases that it thinks you would enjoy based on your music-taste profile, or it will resurface tracks that one has played on repeat in the past based on our history of using Spotify.

This feature also continually updates the lineup based on the feedback that it receives from us. If one is not feeling the playlist that the DJ is now playing, they can click the “DJ” button to quickly move on to a different musical style or atmosphere.

According to a tweet by Spotify’s chief R&D officer Gustav Soderstrom, the new feature is a generative, expressive, and realistic AI DJ that delivers a personalized lineup of music and commentary to each user.

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