Guetta Says “Ai Is The Future Of Music” After Eminem Deepfakes Vocals

After using the technology to incorporate Eminem’s “voice” into a new song, David Guetta believes that AI is the medium of the future for music.

This is the next rave sound / I’m becoming fantastic and underground, the French producer can be heard saying in a video of him performing the tune at a recent gig that he posted last week on Twitter. The song will not be made available commercially, according to Guetta.

On the BRITs red carpet in 2023, he told the BBC that he believed more musicians would employ AI since “every new music style originates from a new technology.”

AI is definitely the way of the future for music. Certainly, he replied. There is no question. but as a device.

Nothing will ever be able to match the flavour, he continued. What makes someone an artist is that they have a certain aesthetic sense and a particular emotion they want to convey, and they use all of the available tools to accomplish it.

In his discussion of artificial intelligence, Guetta compared it with musical instruments that were revolutionary in the past. He said that rock ‘n’ roll most likely wouldn’t exist without the electric guitar. Without the Roland TB-303 bass synthesizer and Roland TR-909 drum machine, the acid house would not exist. Without the sampler, hip-hop would not exist.

New musical genres might be defined by AI. New technology is the source of every new musical genre.

Guetta claimed that he initially wrote the song, which features lyrics reminiscent to Eminem, “as a joke,” and that he shared the video of him performing it “to open the discussion and raise awareness.”

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