Watch4 And Watch5 Users Can Now Download Peloton Watch

According to a recent release from Samsung, the Peloton Watch App is now available for download to owners of the Galaxy Watch5 and Watch4. Customers may monitor their heart rate on a screen while exercising by linking their smartwatches to a Peloton Cycle, Bike+, Tread, Row, or Guide.

Customers will be prompted to pair the two devices after choosing a workout on their Peloton equipment and opening the Peloton Watch App on their Galaxy Watch. By pressing the “connect” button, users can view their heart rate while working out on the Wear OS platform or the Peloton machine’s display. According to Samsung, customers may track their fitness objectives in real-time.

Technology should enhance our quality of life, according to Samsung. According to Janet Lee, SVP of Mobile Experience at Samsung Electronics America, it’s a value we share with Peloton. This partnership demonstrates our shared dedication to providing clients with a fitness experience that is actually customized.

Peloton added Apple Watch compatibility to their equipment one year before the Galaxy Watch integration.

Earlier this month, Samsung revealed that the Galaxy Watch5 would now support temperature-based period tracking thanks to a fresh partnership with Natural Cycles, which improves forecasts by utilizing the temperature sensors in smartwatches.

Customers can now take advantage of additional features that give them a more detailed perspective of their progress and help them achieve their fitness goals.

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