Quest Pro system and Next Quest 2 updates could save Guardian Boundaries

Hand tracking and controller input may receive significant improvements in the upcoming v50 system software update, which will be available to owners of the Quest 2 and the Quest pro.

As an alternative to merely pointing at the interface from a distance, this could make it possible for users to reach out with either actual hands or virtual hands by means of controllers and tap panels.

Recent videos uploaded to Quest’s PTC channel by the privileged who have access to it demonstrate that this new direct touch functionality functions adequately enough that one can use index fingers to type on the virtual keyboard.

It seems as though there are no issues with tapping smaller buttons, like the X that dismisses tabs in the Quest browser.

Pinch-to-select buttons and type with hand tracking is currently the only method available; however, this method is not as reliable as controller input, which is generally quite accurate.

Guardian corrections and easy setup

It is obvious that the animations embedded in the v50 PTC code were much more interesting because they showed that it would be feasible to repair misalignments by just sliding the entire room guardian to the side to make virtual things match one’s real-world surroundings.

As per reports, virtual reality headsets may have the ability to recognize their surroundings and construct a safety map autonomously. For instance, the HTC Vive XR Elite has a depth sensor built in, which may make it possible to provide this function.

However, HTC has not yet provided that it has the power to draw boundaries automatically. It is possible that the upcoming PlayStation VR 2 system from Sony will have the ability to scan rooms, making it one of the first VR headsets to have this benefit.

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