The Last of Us on HBO Garnered Positive Reviews from Critics: Report

The Last of Us on HBO is an adaptation of the video game that has garnered positive reviews from critics, but the most recent episode appears to have one minor mistake that has fans discussing it.

To be more specific, some audience members noticed what looks to be a member of the show’s film crew tucked away in the corner of one shot.

A wide-angle establishing shot of the snowy bridge that Joel and Ellie are traversing in order to find Tommy can be seen on HBO Max. One can make out one person standing there hidden in the shadows cast by the trees on the extreme left side of the image.

This individual is most likely a member of the film crew. When users look toward the bottom, they can make out the profiles of a few more people who are standing among the trees.

Twitter user Scott Jones was the first person to notice the error. He made the discovery in response to a post made by co-showrunner Neil Druckmann, in which he said, Brilliant episode.

The issue is similar to one that occurred in another drama that airs on HBO. One probably remembers the coffee cup mistake that was made on Game of Thrones in 2019, when viewers noticed a disposable coffee cup that was part of the final cup in the fourth episode of Season 8.

Although the mistake was immediately fixed, people who used the Internet will never forget about it. Even a mod for Skyrim has been created specifically for the Game of Thrones coffee mug.

Except for that one insignificant mistake, the sixth episode of The Last of Us was fantastic. Within the context of our review, we stated, “HBO’s The Last of Us episode six assists in exorcising the demons of the past in order to build a stronger future for its two protagonists.”

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