HTC Introduced Vive Tracker 3.0 Virtual Reality Headsets

HTC has introduced a more compact version of the Vive trackers that do not require base stations and allows users to use up to five of them simultaneously using a USB-C cable.

As per reports, HTC has not yet provided a name for its self-tracking gadget. The company has disclosed various specifications regarding this innovative solution. OpenXR is supported so that compatibility can be increased to include a greater number of devices.

The third generation of HTC’s Vive trackers now includes additional customization options thanks to the company’s continued commitment to the modular design.

In the video that accompanied the announcement, it was explained that the new self-tracking tracker is not intended to take the place of the Vive tracker 3.0.

When our head and hands move, virtual reality headsets recognize either using internal cameras or external base stations to monitor the position of the virtual reality headset and controllers.

As per reports, the self-tracking tracker from HTC provides a wireless solution for tracking the user’s body from the inside out. This is consistent with the tracking methods of the Vive XR Elite headset and Focus 3, both of which do not require base stations to function properly.

If sources are to be believed, virtual reality headsets can support up to five self-tracking trackers that are wirelessly connected to a USB-C dongle.

The new tracker is also smaller and lighter than the previous iteration, the Vive tracker 3.0. It weighs just 100g, which makes it more comfortable to wear for an extended period of time during virtual reality experiences when used as a body tracker.

In addition to the quick-release mechanism, the pogo pins and mounting methods that were previously offered are still available.

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