Warner Bros. signed an Audience Measurement Agreement with VideoAmp

As per the media coverage, Warner Bros. Discovery has come into agreement with VideoAmp with an aim to measure cross-screen campaigns better as the firm is all set to join its Discovery+ and HBO Max platforms.

Warner Bros. Discovery will continue to use Neilson, but the company has decided to embrace VideoAmp in order to improve its ability to identify audiences for advertisers across digital and social media services, linear and streaming video, what the company referred to as unified, cross-platform currency.

The traditional methods of measuring media have not been able to keep up with the ways in which consumers interact with streaming and linear material.

Andrea Zapata, Executive Vice President and head of ad research, measures, insights, and sales at Warner Bros. Discovery, said in a statement that as a result of this, the audiences in question had been underestimated, and the metrics that are currently in use no longer accurately reflect the true advertising value that they offer.

The production company that owns and operates two large streaming services, namely HBO max and Discovery+, has ambitions to bring a third big streaming service to market this year.

As per reports, this decision comes at a time when streaming platforms are steadily growing their proportion of the overall TV viewership, even as linear TV services continue to suffer a reduction in the number of eyeballs they attract.

To measure and transact on audiences, the industry needs a better way that supports both advanced and traditional audiences and provides attribution metrics in a way that enables media buyers and sellers to excel and unlock this potential in an inexpensive environment.

CEO and founder of VideoAmp, Ross McCray, added in his statements as his firm exposed its deal with Warner Bros. Discovery.

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