Stellantis Launched Mobilisights to Improve Customer’s Experience

Stellantis N.V. has reportedly made the announcement that it has created a new autonomous business unit called Mobilisights. This unit will be totally focused on expanding the company’s data as a service (DaaS) business as well as creating and licensing innovative B2B products, applications, and services.

Stellantis is committed to expanding and accelerating its software and data business, and the acquisition of Mobilisights is a significant step toward those goals.

According to Mobilisights CEO Sanjiv Ghate, “the ambition for Mobilisights is to make a difference in society by harnessing the insights that vehicle data provide to inspire innovative apps and services that may revolutionize and radically improve the day-to-day lives of people and enterprises.”

Smart sensors can enable a wide range of services and applications with compelling benefits, such as usage-based insurance, road danger identification, and traffic management if used appropriately.

Mobilisights possesses unique access and rights to license cars and related data from all Stellantis brands to third-party customers. This allows the company to fully leverage the data from the 34 million connected vehicles that the company aims to reach by the end of the decade.

The software strategy that Stellantis employs is built on existing connected car capabilities and implements next-generation technology platforms in order to alter the way in which customers engage with their vehicles.

By the year 2030, it is anticipated that this approach will create around 20 billion euros in additional yearly sales, and it will be outlined during Stellantis’ Software Day in December 2021. Mobilisights is going to be an important factor in bringing in those incomes.

Mobilisights and its partners shall conduct their business in accordance with a data governance and privacy policy that is extremely stringent.

This includes the use of data that has been anonymized and aggregated, as well as the restriction that the personal information of customers will only be shared with their consent and only for the specific services that they select.

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