Meta Confirms Quest v50 Launch And Several Big Surprises

With direct touch and swipe capabilities with hand-tracking, in-game multitasking for Quest 2, hand-locomotion, and more, the Meta Quest v50 release appears to be rather intriguing.

The Quest 2 and Quest Pro headphones won’t receive the v50 software for a few weeks. To ensure you receive the update as soon as possible, keep your device charged, turned on, and connected to Wi-Fi.

Due to screenshots posted by Public Test Channel (PTC) users, some information about the Quest v50 update was already known, but several intriguing surprises have been revealed in the official release notes from Meta.

The Direct Touch function, which enables you to reach out and tap buttons and swipe across panels, is the main addition to this latest release.

A new release of Dash may be in the works, by the way. In solo mode, the only way to access the Quest keyboard is by using a pointer and controller clicks or hand-tracking pinches.

You may have observed that you can tap the keys directly if you have used the Dash keyboard through Quest Link or Airlink.

Using a virtual hand as a controller, the touch interface interacts with hand-tracking technology.

Keep in mind that, just as in real life, Direct Touch only functions on adjacent objects. This implies that you can swipe on panels and text on the keyboard.

You will still want pointer control after you have three screens visible after pushing windows further.

You’ll need to enable Direct Touch under the Experimental Settings page after installing the v50 upgrade.

Regrettably, there won’t be a swipe keyboard available, but because touch is now an option, one could appear in the future.

Owners of Meta Quest Pro have benefited from the simplicity of pausing to look something up in the browser without quitting a game since the beginning.

Now, Quest 2 will also have this functionality.

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