Michael Jordan’s Directorial Debut “Creed III” to Hit Theatres on March 3

Set for theatrical release on 3rd March 2023, Warner Bros.’ Creed III reportedly marks the directorial debut of the film’s lead actor, Michael B. Jordan. The Creed series is seen as a Hollywood miracle, thanks to its modern style and sensibility.

The series, while paying homage to the stories that laid its foundation, highlights Black talent on both sides of the camera with the script flipped on an enduring white working-class mythos.

According to Shawn Edwards, a Film Critic on the Board of Critics Choice Association and Co-founder, African American Film Critics Association, Michael B. Jordan has worked on some amazing films and television series. Edwards further highlighted that being on set is the best film school. He also stated that it was only a matter of time before Jordan jumped behind the camera.

Besides, Brandy Monk-Payton, Professor, Fordham University, has appreciated the shift in focus from the conventional ways of thinking about Black representation in terms of the past and historical struggles against oppression and discrimination. Monk-Payton further added that the focus of the story is the everyman going through a struggle and triumph.

The first two movies of the Creed series were successful at the box office. Each of them generated over USD 100 million in domestic ticket sales. Creed III is anticipated to generate between USD 25 million and USD 35 million over its opening weekend.

According to Sheldon Epps, one of the preeminent Black directors across television and theater, the participation of more artists of color in the creation of stories helps in broadening the canvas. He has further added that because the stories are being written from the inside of the Asian, Latino, and Black communities. This makes it possible to gain a broader view of the different communities in the nation.

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