Renner Writes a Heartfelt Letter On the Occasion of his Daughter’s Birthday

On the occasion of his daughter Ava’s 10th birthday, Jeremy Renner composed a heartfelt letter of congratulations and praised the pre-teen for adding in his recovery following the snowplough accident he had been involved in.

The “Hawkeye” star, on March 28, posted a picture to his Instagram story of him and his daughter Ava hugging each other and wished Ava happy birthday in the caption.

He exclaimed with excitement, “Happy 10th birthday to you!” I am so immensely pleased with you in every manner. Your embrace and your love have helped me recover in a startlingly short amount of time.

He writes the lovable message, “I love you, Daddy.” Renner also added used a heart emoji and a “Happy Birthday!” sticker to the post to hide his daughter’s face. He posted an adorable pic with ex-wife Sonni Pacheco along with her daughter.

Renner never likes to post her daughter’s image on Instagram. The Marvel star covers her face by uploading a throwback picture. If sources are to be believed, the Marvel star used to keep himself away from social media, but still, he took some time about his family.

The actor from “The Hurt Locker” was hurt in January of this year. His nephew sent him a handwritten note, which the actor from “The Hurt Locker” revealed earlier this month.

His nephew added, I am very lucky because my uncle is Hawkeye, which is one of the Avengers. He also added it is also a great stroke of luck for me that my uncle was able to survive the accident.

In the comment section below his nephew’s post, Renner wrote, “Love my little man”, and attached three emoji: a heart, two emojis clasped in prayers, and a red heart.

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