GadgetsTechnology’s Messaging Software Uses Generative AI to Directly Serve Users, a company that specializes in artificial intelligence (AI), has launched a new version of its popular messaging app, YouChat 2.0 and it is in no way connected to Microsoft Bing, Google Bard, or ChatGPT in any way.

According to the company’s blog, the first version of the AI search assistant technology was released in December of the previous year. While answering queries, components other than text can be added by using a multimodal search tool. This makes it possible to provide answers that are more specific and complex.

YouChat 2.0 combines its AI capabilities with those of connected apps and data from the web. As a result, when a user searches for something, rather than having to piece together a set of numbers that may or may not be accurate, YouChat will be able to provide them with text and more visual information that directly relates to your inquiry.

According to the company, the AI search assistant is also capable of having “conversations,” which are able to further draw information from the multimodal search.

The company has made the announcement that it would be taking advantage of this head start and expanding upon it with multimodal search. This indicates that it is able to add components other than text in order to help answer a question in a more precise manner.

Socher believes that this is a significant step forward for chat-based search and propels his company to the forefront of the industry, putting it ahead of much larger competitors.

When his firm raised USD 25 million last summer, he said in an interview that he wants to be the anti-Google.

Google is a massive, dominant search engine that is closed, and it has finally weaponized artificial intelligence against its users in order to serve its true purpose.

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