Instagram’s New Features Designed to Give Users More Granular Control

Instagram announced the addition of a new time-management tool called “Quiet Mode” to its repertoire.

It’s designed to make users feel more comfortable taking a break from the app by turning off alerts, automatically responding to direct messages, and switching their status to “In Quiet Mode” to let their friends know they’re not currently using the service.

The firm claims it will notify teens who use the app late at night to enable the feature. These initiatives are part of Instagram’s broader effort to make the app less of a target for regulators and lawmakers worried about the potential negative effects of social media, especially on young people.

As per reports, Instagram has incorporated various teen safety measures, such as the ability to limit ad targeting, restrict teens’ access to explicit content, and allow parents to monitor and manage their teens’ Instagram use via parental controls.

In addition to the new Quiet Mode, Instagram has added a number of other tools to help users better manage their time spent in front of screens.

These include the ability to track how much time is spent in the app each day and receive alerts, as well as “take a break” reminders after app sessions last longer than a set amount of time.

The goal of the new Quiet Mode functionality isn’t merely to provide a feature that encourages users to take a rest. Instead, it explores the consequences of temporarily disengaging from a service for which you are otherwise expected to be constantly available.

Instagram now offers a “Quiet Mode” for when users need some alone time for studying, sleeping, or whatever else. For those who are old enough to remember AIM and ICQ, it’s kind of like turning off the light that indicates one is online in instant chat when it comes to Instagram.

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