Heartbreaking Climax From Avatar 2 Was Cut: Report

During its annual On the Red Carpet special, ABC broke the news that James Cameron’s record-breaking film Way of the Water was missing a pivotal scene.

The death of Neteyam left the audience in disbelief, and the repercussions of his passing are likely to be shown in later films, as his parents are still mourning the loss of their firstborn child. It appears that some of the footage of the weeping family was removed from the video.

In comparison to his brother Lo’ak, who struggled with feelings of inadequacy, Neteyam Sully was the more responsible and self-assured sibling of the Sully family. The human boy Spider was a close friend of both of the brothers, and Neteyam sacrificed his life while on a quest to try and save his childhood companion.

In spite of the fact that Avatar: The Way of the Water was able to cram a lot into its running time of three hours and twelve minutes, one particularly heartbreaking moment had to be removed.

The Avatar franchise created by James Cameron continues to be ambitious, both in terms of its overall scale and the outstanding visual effects and runtime its features.

However, not every scene was able to survive the editing process and be included in the final product. The film does not have a moment in which the Metkayina are reunited with their children after the encounter with Quatrich. Furthermore, the film does not include a scene in which an adorable marine creature is removed from the film.

It turns out that even though Cameron intended to put the Sully family in the limelight throughout the film, certain emotionally powerful sequences nevertheless have to be cut from the final result in order to make room for them.

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