NBC hopes to make an Aggressive Bid to Bring Back the League

According to people familiar with the matter, after losing the rights for the broadcast NBA games to Disney and turner sports over 20 years ago, Comcast’s NBCUniversal is reportedly gearing up for vigorous efforts to reclaim the rights.

According to the people, NBCUniversal executives have conveyed their interest to the NBA. They asked that their names not be used because the discussion being held is confidential.

Two of the people indicated that NBC Sports is interested in a package deal that would allow playoff games to be televised on NBC’s broadcast network.

To increase its reach NBA forced several media firms to broadcast all games on streaming. There is a possibility that the NBCUniversal Peacock streaming service will have exclusive rights to broadcast certain regular session games.

As per the reports, Apple and Amazon have both shown interest in the NBA in purchasing carved-out streaming package deals for the league’s games.

Further, Amazon has an agreement in place with the NBA that enables it to stream games in Brazil at this time.

According to people familiar with the matter, both Warner Bros. Discovery and Disney have exclusive negotiation windows that will close in April 2024, making it impossible for any official conversations to take place with potential new buyers.

If sources are to be believed, for over two more years, until the conclusion of the 2024-2025 NBA season, Warner Bros. Discovery and Disney hold the rights to NBA games.

The NBA can choose to renew its contracts with the current owners and operators rather than seek new partners.

For ESPN, ESPN+ and ABC, Disney is likely to bid on a package of rights, said reports. Luis Silberwasser, Warner Bros. Discovery sports head, will use this year to decide the type of future relationship they want with the NBA.

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