Meta Quest Pro is Currently going on Sale and Getting a $400 Discount

After the release of Quest Pro, Meta decides to reduce the price of its headset ahead of other challengers’ product announcements. As per the reports, the price of the Meta Quest Pro headset fell by USD 400, and it is now available in the market for USD 1,100.

In the United Kingdom, the prominent challengers are offering a handsome discount on headsets, which is currently valid there for two weeks, and is now available at a lesser price: Instead of £1,500, it costs £1,300. For EU countries such as Germany, nothing has changed much. The headset still costs £ 1,800.

Some buyers have the choice to request money back on the discounted amount, according to Brad Lynch.

Over the Quest 2, Meta’s newest headset has several advantages, such as it comes with colour passthrough cameras, better compatibility with wider glasses, redesigned controllers with built-in cameras, eye and face tracking, and a higher resolution display.

As per the people familiar with this matter, its shorter battery life and larger size mean it could not be ideal for everyone. Further, the Meta Quest Pro does not justify the high price, as per many reviewers.

Before the launch of this new headset, many complaints were made about the outdated processor, the lack of software and applications, comfort, and the quality of the passthrough mode. This time company worked on all these issues to give users a better experience.

In terms of computing power, the product is launching at a much better price/performance ratio. Further, some of the viewers anticipate that the Meta Quest 3 should surpass the Meta Quest Pro.

After just three months, the Meta Quest Pro is aggressively discounted, and after almost two years on the market, Meta Quest 2 has seen a price increase.

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