Google Trying to Figure out How to Bring Generative AI into the Market

Google announced that it would release a conversational ChatGPT called Bard, setting up a showdown between the two tech giants in the field of Artificial intelligence. Alphabet Chairman John Hennessy said Goggle is hesitating for its product launch as it is still under development.

He said that Bard might take one to two years to become successful. As per reports, Microsoft has already begun incorporating ChatGPT elements into its team platform and has publicly stated its support of OpenAI. The company will eventually adapt the program for its office suite, and add the Bing search engine, said reports.

The possibility of integration into Bing shifted attention to Google and sparked rumors that the company’s world-leading search engine could soon be challenged in a way that has never been seen before by a competitor that is powered by AI.

According to stories in the media, Google deemed the overnight success of ChatGPT to be a code-red danger. It has been noticed that the company reportedly called back the company’s founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page, who had left the company some years earlier, to generate ideas and expedite a response.

Hennessy said tech giant Google never thought its early developer, Vint Cerf, would use the internet to do evil things.

If sources are to be believed, ChatGPT is Google’s answer to the company’s reluctance to introduce its own language-based AI due to concerns about damaging the company’s brand by introducing unfinished technology.

The possibility for widespread dissemination of false information or nonsense has been proven by researchers employing the same language model as Bard or ChatGpt.

Meta pulled the rollout of its huge language model Galactica after only three days because users quickly spread its biased and erroneous results online.

Pichai is pretty much sure that the answers generated by Bard would meet a high bar for quality, safety, and grounding in the real world.

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