Wife Stephanie Paid Tribute to late Lance Reddick

Actor Lance Reddick who is best known for his roles in john Wick and The Wire, passed suddenly not too long ago. While his friends and family are grieving his unexpected death, a lot of love has arrived for the bereaved family from all different corners, including his fans and his peers in the profession.

During this challenging time, the late actor’s wife, Stephanie Reddick, who had been married to the late actor since 2011, has sent a touching message on his behalf.

She paid quite an emotional homage to the late star on Instagram by using the platform. In her letter, she stated Lance was taken away from us much too soon.

She said she would want to express her gratitude for the incredible amount of love, support, and amazing tales that have been shared on all of these platforms over the past day.

She further added all messages had been delivered, and she couldn’t even begin to describe how appreciative I was to receive them.

She also bade thanks to thousands of Destiny players that participated in the unique event in Lance’s honor. Stephanie added that was the only thing that could compare to making contributions in Baltimore, which is his hometown.

Mia Hansen has confirmed the news of his demise. Hansen confirmed that from natural causes, Reddick passed away abruptly on Friday morning.

Reddick, 60, started his journey in the ’90s, with credits in shows like The West Wing and New York Undercover. At 29, he applied to Yale University to study drama, eventually graduating, and he started getting roles in regional theatre as well.

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