TikTok is Likely to be Entering the Automobile Industry Soon

TikTok, a video app startup that is owned by the Chinese government, is expanding its presence in the luxury vehicle industry despite growing criticism from officials in the United States over the country’s national security.

Mercedes-Benz made the announcement that it was unveiling the next generation of its E-class sedan. The automaker stated that upcoming models will enable drivers to directly download third-party applications to the center display.

Additionally, drivers will be able to film themselves and participate in video meetings, but only when the vehicle is parked.

Even while the vehicle is moving, passengers will have access to a screen through which they can use mobile applications. But, the screen will be hidden from the view of the driver when the vehicle is in motion, according to the German auto manufacturer.

Mercedes reported that it sold about 330,000 automobiles in the United States in 2021, including nearly 21,000 E-Class sedans.

According to David Saidden, TikTok’s director of distribution business development, “As we aim to expand that experience for our users, we are excited to partner with Mercedes-Benz to introduce immersive in-car entertainment.

This will give our community more opportunities to enjoy the content they love. This partnership will give our community more opportunities to enjoy the content they love.

The partnership comes at a time when state and federal lawmakers are becoming more vigilant about cracking down on the use of the app. These lawmakers argue that the Chinese-owned company poses threats to national security, including through foreign access to the data of users and the ability to spread propaganda.

The application was deemed inappropriate for use on devices owned or operated by the federal government after it was cleared for prohibition by Congress in December.

As a direct response to this, TikTok has ramped up its charm offensive in the nation’s capital in an effort to allay the concerns of lawmakers.

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