Google has stopped selling its Glass Enterprise Smart Glasses

Google recently made the announcement that it will no longer offer the enterprise edition of the product, which had a retail price of $999.

The Glass Enterprise website has been modified by the company to reflect the conclusion of product sales, as indicated by a recent update. In addition, a frequently asked questions article states that Google will eventually stop providing customer support as well as software upgrades for the smart glasses after September 15th.

When it was first introduced as a corporate prototype more than a decade ago, Google Glass quickly became extremely popular. The single lens of the smart glasses serves as both an information display and an internet browser, allowing users to do both simultaneously.

The real device, however, was plagued by a plethora of problems, the most notable of which was limited battery life, worries around privacy, and a hefty price of $1,500.

Following this, Google made the decision to abandon plans for a consumer version of Google Glass and instead concentrate on bringing the technology to the business sector.

As a result, the business developed the Glass Enterprise edition, which it promoted as a hand-free computer that employees could wear while they were performing their professional duties.

In 2019, Google even updated the product with Glass Enterprise Edition 2.0, which had a more potent processor, an improved camera, and longer battery life than its predecessor.

On the other hand, the news made on Wednesday indicates that the product was having trouble attracting enough interest from commercial customers. In January, the parent company of Google, Alphabet, made the decision to eliminate 12,000 positions.

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