AI Is Helping Firms to Craft Personalized Email Marketing Campaigns

Automated chatbots are being utilized to craft personalized email marketing campaigns. This demonstrates the potential future impact of AI like ChatGPT in the corporate world, as firms like Salesforce and Microsoft start providing deeper connections between the chatbot and their own products.

Big Tech and startups alike are racing to integrate generative artificial intelligence (including tools employing large language models, or LLM, approaches like ChatGPT) capable of producing material that resembles something a person would write.

It seems that few LLM-based goods are genuinely profitable. Technology giants Microsoft and Google are working together to include advanced chatbots in their respective search engines. Some businesses are looking into ways to train robots to write marketing text or code.

In a recent video that went viral on TikTok, users saw how to use ChatGPT and Google Sheets together to send personalized meeting requests to executives over LinkedIn.

It found ten firms and their CEOs of interest in a given industry and then generated individual outreach notes, each with a different topic of conversation and a specific question to pose.

Alex Klufas stated as the video’s author that we’re at a very fascinating inflection point of how we’ll begin to employ AI in the future in our day-to-day lives, which wasn’t as easily accessible even six months ago before ChatGPT was more widely available to the public.

The video, like with similar viral uploads in the past, definitely hit a nerve, with over 2.5 million views and dozens of comments wondering how it was done.

The video created by Klufas shows how this potentially lucrative application may be marketed in the near future. The use of a chatbot to swiftly compose and automate emails with a touch of customization, potentially for use in sales, marketing, or social networking.

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