VR Games For PS2 and PC Are Coming to PSVR 2

PlayStation VR 2 ports continue to come in. Some of them even receive an upgrade for free: Starting on February 21, 2023, you may get a free download of the PSVR 2 edition of the VR survival classic The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners if you already purchased it for Sony’s original VR headset. If one chooses to do it that way, they’ll have to be prepared to play well before the VR headset debuts on February 22nd.

Publisher Perp Games also showed a few VR horror games. The central theme of Madison and Afterlife VR is fleeing pesky extraterrestrial beings.

Madison VR

You can escape a deadly occult ceremony in the survival horror game Madison VR by Bloodious Games by resolving puzzles rather than engaging in combat. Similar to the original Project Zero, an immediate camera is crucial. It ties the physical world and the hereafter together.

Since July 2022, Madison has been playable on PC and gaming consoles. There is no set release date for the VR version, which is being developed for several systems.

Afterlife VR

The PSVR 2 version of Afterlife VR, a SteamVR app, is also getting a facelift. In your pursuit for your sister, you will scout out an abandoned mental hospital. Like in Alien: Isolation, you’ll search for good hiding locations along the journey to avoid getting captured by pale, malformed aliens. You will employ your telekinetic powers, weaponry, and illumination sources like candles. Split Light Studio has not yet provided release information.

Cave Digger 2: Dig Harder

Cave Digger 2: Dig Harder, now accessible for SteamVR, is the first multiplayer game to utilise eye tracking on PlayStation VR 2. One to four players can search for treasure using pickaxes and explosives in VRKiwi’s VR adventure game.

They can now always see where their partner’s eyes are fixed. Although it doesn’t currently appear to change how the game is played, it is undoubtedly entertaining. On February 22nd, the download edition will be made available. On March 3, a physical retail version will be released. Owners of PSVR will get a free upgrade.

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