New AI Technology Has Shaken Google out of Its Routine

According to reports, employees of Google have been conducting trials of various possible ChatGPT competitors as part of the internet giant’s effort to create a response to the technology developed by OpenAI.

According to reliable sources, Google CEO Sundar Pichai issued a “code red” and pushed for a faster pace of artificial intelligence research and development in order to bring at least 20 AI-powered products to market.

If sources are to be believed, the company has decided to invest in several products, one of which is an Apprentice Bard powered by Google’s LaMDA dialogue technology.

It would appear that the management of Google requested that the LaMDA team prioritize their work on a ChatGpt competitor. They told the LaMDA team that this project takes precedence over any other product, and they even warned them not to attend meetings that were unrelated to this project.

It is said that Apprentice Bard appears and operates similarly to ChatGPT in that the user can put a query or a prompt into a text box and then receive a response in the form of a written test.

Some media claims to have seen samples that prove the bot’s responses include information from recent events. This is something that ChatGpt is not capable of doing because it has only limited knowledge about anything that occurred after the year 2021.

Apprentice Bard, for instance, was able to provide an answer regarding the question of whether or not Google will do another round of layoffs.

In response to this, one can recall that Google’s LaMDA technology was responsible for the dismissal of a corporate engineer, who claimed that the technology had gained sentience.

A new search page is also reportedly being tested by Google that uses a question-and-answer format.

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