Older Android Versions Will Benefit From Google’s Extension SDK

A long-standing criticism of the Android ecosystem is its fragmentation. Because they are utilizing outdated devices, users frequently miss out on the current Android version’s capabilities.

The Extension SDK, which attempts to bring features of the most recent Android version to older revisions, has been released by Google in its first public version to close the gap.

Google extends support for the Photo Picker API to Android 11 and 12 as part of this announcement. Only Android 13 users can currently use the most recent photo-picker interface, which allows users to grant an app access to certain photographs from their library.

Since this is an SDK, app creators must incorporate this capability into their creations. However, no system upgrade is mandatory for users to use the photo picker.

To build AdServices APIs before the Android Privacy Sandbox’s introduction, the Extension SDK also provides support. Google’s new ad stack, the Android Privacy Sandbox, will take the place of cookies in Chrome.

Google is now testing Privacy Sandbox on a small selection of Android 13-powered devices, with a wider beta launch anticipated this year. Google plans to roll out Privacy Sandbox compatibility to devices running older versions of Android using components like the Extension SDK.

Google introduced the Project Mainline program to speed up feature rollout periods for the Android 10 operating system, which is more modular than its forerunner.

Therefore, it is not mandatory for consumers to wait for phone manufacturers to release software updates. This direction is furthered by the Extension SDK.

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