Does Meta Quest Pro Gets a Second Chance: Report

As per the people familiar with this matter, the Valve Index gadget has been, so far, the best PC virtual reality headset on the marketplace, irrespective of some of its outdated displays.

To bring the technology up to 2023 standards, PC virtual reality enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for a worthy upgrade as the headset approaches its fourth birthday.

HP Reverb G2 from 2022, the most obvious candidate, is revamped. The PC VR headset comes up with Valve’s high-quality speakers, relies on easy-to-use inside-out tracking, and has higher-resolution displays built in.

New lenses, better contrast

Meta Quest Pro’s price has fallen from USD 1,500 to USD 1,000, with an aim to lure PC virtual reality enthusiasts. With this price range, one will get highly acclaimed pancake lenses. Moreover, it gives users the flexibility to get the image quality from Meta Quest Pro, which fully gets PC VR support for local dimming.

Using Air Link or Virtual Desktop, one can play wirelessly, as there is no uncompressed data transfer. For the older version, it will not get an option like this.

An upgrade in many respects

In the new update, one can also see Self-tracking Quest Touch Pro controllers. Later this year, the Meta Quest Pro will use a chip that will be going to be replaced by a more powerful model. As per the sources, this is not a big part since they will be using the headset mainly with their PC.

For PC VR, the Meta Quest Pro would be a truly next-generation VR headset, If Meta wants to succeed in unlocking foveated version. Meanwhile, there is no sign of this deal yet.

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