Apple Released the Second Beta of iOS 16.3

Apple has reportedly announced to launch of its HomeKit architecture that comes with the iOS 16.3 beta. Furthermore, to upgrade Homekit to the new architecture, the iPhone maker removed the previous option and planning to bring new operating system updates.

The latest upgrade will give users a few new features that will improve the performance of the device’s battery.

Within the next month or so, iOS 16.3 should be publicly released, and it is likely possible that more attributes will be going to be added in the latest beta versions.

Apple said the new Security Keys for Apple ID feature enabled with the first iOS 16.3 beta would be available globally in early 2023.

To further protect their account, the feature gives customers a choice to use hardware security keys. Security Keys strengthen Apple’s two-factor authentication for users who enable this feature by requiring a hardware security key from another Apple device.

If sources are to be believed, Apple does not have any sort of plan to release its own security keys. The feature will depend on the third-party security keys offered by brands such as YubiKey 5Ci, which has both USB-C connectors and Lightning for use with iPads, Macs, and iPhones.

In addition, to transfer/hand off music from an iPhone to a HomePod, the first iOS 16.3 beta added a new prompt. Further, in the second iOS 16.3 beta, the company has planned to bring SOS options.

The firm also brings Call with Hold and Release, Call with 5 Button Presses, and Countdown Sound in the upgraded versions. As per the reports, Call Quietly will be toggled off by default, equal to Countdown Sound when it is toggled on.

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