David Carbon Speaks About Delivering the Drones

David Carbon, head of drone supply for Amazon, sat down for his weekly DC/AC video deal with workers in the middle of January. In these video deals, he provides workers with the most recent information on Prime Air.

Coffee with David Carbon is what the acronym stands for, and the event took place after a very hectic conclusion to the year 2022. A decade after the launch of Prime Air, Amazon began testing drone deliveries in two relatively unimportant markets, bringing Amazon’s founder, Jeff Bezos, dreams closer to becoming a reality.

David Carbon instructs workers that Prime Air has recently begun sturdiness and reliability (D&R) testing. This testing is a crucial component of a Federal regulatory requirement that is intended to demonstrate that Amazon’s drones are safe to fly over people and cities.

Carbon explained that they had already begun D&R and were approximately 12 flights into it at the time that this scene was filmed.

However, there is a vast gap between the beginning of the process and the conclusion of it and workers could be forgiven for expressing skepticism about the validity of the process.

According to the individuals who worked on the project and requested anonymity because they do not appear to be approved to discuss it, Carbon has been telling Prime Air staffers that D&R testing has been underway since, at the very least, March of this past year.

As per reports, even baseball caps with the quote “D&R 2022” and the Prime Air brand printed on them were commissioned by him for production.

Amazon said in January of this year, Federal Aviation Administration did not provide clearance for testing, and it is expected that the firm began the campaign shortly after December.

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