Meta Verified is part of Meta’s new Business Strategy to Grow Revenue

Meta is in the process of testing a brand new subscription service that will allow users of Instagram and Facebook to pay for the privilege of having their accounts verified.

On Sunday, Meta verified introduced to the public by Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook-parent Meta, through his various social media channels.

According to him, the testing is scheduled to begin this week in New Zealand and Australia, and it will soon be expanded to additional countries.

For a fee of USD 14.99 per month on Apple and Android operating systems and USD 11.99 per month on the web, Meta will utilize a government identification to validate a user’s account and award the account with a blue badge.

As per reports, only well-known individuals or organizations were eligible to get Meta’s blue badge in the past, as this was the tradition.

According to Meta, subscribers would also have increased protection against the impersonation of their accounts and direct access to customer service representatives.

In his post, Mark Zuckerberg explained that the purpose of the brand-new tool is to increase authenticity and security across all of the services.

Twitter started charging its users USD 8 per month for Twitter Blue at the end of the previous year. This service verifies the user’s account by adding a blue checkmark to it.

Twitter took the service one step further by announcing that users would lose the ability to secure their accounts with two-factor authentication unless they paid USD 8 per month. This is the latest development in Twitter’s effort to monetize its user base.

As growth in online advertising slows, social media businesses have been looking for alternative ways to generate cash. Despite an increase in users, Meta reported a decrease in income for the third straight quarter.

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