Google’s Guided Frame Helps Visually Impaired Click Better Pictures

Google has reportedly added a new accessibility feature, ‘Guided Feature’ at Google Pixel 7 event. The feature will apparently help visually impaired and blind users to take better selfies.

The feature has been developed by keeping in mind that visually impaired and blind users also use smartphones and there is ample availability of audio guidance available but there is not much available for taking photos.

Taking photos is much harder, well it was, Google has announced the feature of ‘Guided Frame’, which sparked the Google’s hackathon events.

Guided Frame will be the voice coach that will guide users to hold their phones so that they can take a proper selfie. The feature will guide the users as to how they should hold the device in front of them and will ask the users to go up, to the side, or down.

It will guide until AI believes that the user is in the best position to shoot, after which it will trigger the shutter automatically. It will also tell users to relax their hand.

With commands like “Move your phone up and right” and countdown so that users can pose and have their facial expression set.

Ling Wong, an attendee who bought Guided Frame said that a selfie for me and to other blind users is one of the ways to express to themselves.

Guided Frame is a part of the many features that the company offers including inclusivity and accessibility including True Tone.

Google has said that it has collaborated with various photographers and artists who are people of color to ensure that the photos are accurate and represent all skin tones.

In addition to this feature, the company also introduced Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro, and Pixel Watch.

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