NASA Deploys MIT Device MOXIE on Mars to Produce Oxygen

NASA and MIT have reportedly been jointly venturing on inventing a revolutionary device that is presently situated on Mars – the red planet, and which is involved in the process of generating oxygen on this planet since the past year.

Among the numerous questions raised, few are such as how does one transport sufficient material to a planet that is nearly 140 million miles far away, and what is the next step when the oxygen runs out?

In Situ

Recognized as the Mars Oxygen In-Situ Resource Utilization Experiment (MOXIE), this device has been constantly generating oxygen while on-board the Mars Perseverance rover, noting the initial time possessions that the outer planetary bodies have been gathered and then converted for usage.

As per a study cited in the paper of Science Advances with MIT scholars, NASA specialists identified that even when exposed to varied climate, different time of the day, and environmental settings, the MOXIE was capable of producing six grams of oxygen on an hourly basis, which is comparable to what a small tree generates.

That’s a notable consequence for a lunch-box sized machine. Supposedly, MOXIE technology will not be terraforming Mars soon, but a practical scale-up can be sufficient to endure a crew’s environment.


MOXIE is reportedly said to assist rockets to refuel, which needs colossal quantity of oxygen, for return operations. The lesser the oxygen required to be carried, and even better that can be produced there and then.

As an example, the Space Shuttle contained liquid oxygen of around 1.4 million pounds, and it did not require to move to any additional planets, carry oxygen for a planetary surface environment, and then come back.

Jeffrey Hoffman, a MIT researcher and study co-author stated in a press release that in order to encourage a human mission to Mars, they had to carry excessive materials from Earth such as spacesuits, computers, and habitats.

The researchers have also been noted to say that the upcoming step is guaranteeing that MOXIE can work throughout the day. Till now it has only been functioning at intermissions for a hundreds hours in total, but an elevated version will require to function constantly for several thousands of hours.

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