New Xbox Cloud Gaming for Linux Comes With Powerful Performance

Jordan Cohen, the xCloud Services Principal Product Manager Lead, commented on Reddit to say that the Xbox Cloud Gaming crew at Microsoft had improved speed for users who are using ChromeOS or Linux to play using a browser.

The Steam Deck has been able to adapt quite well to community initiatives despite being designed for Steam games. Even still, there are instances where it is only effective to a certain extent, as was the situation with Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming service. Gratitude to the Microsoft team, it now appears that the experience has indeed been updated and enhanced.

Cohen claimed that the modifications would result in greater quality and a more streamlined streaming process. By switching to a new streaming technology, Microsoft has also improved its browser-based gaming experience.

There were generally good things going on, but now they are expected to get even better. In addition, Cohen answered several queries posted in the Reddit thread and clarified that Android users would continue to have the same streaming limitations of 720p and 60 frames every second.

Although Cohen did not specify the technology being used, he did say that the changes would be made available to Steam Deck. For the most part, this appears to be a win for those Xbox Cloud Gaming users who were using a browser to access the service.

Along with accelerating sales, the company has increased hardware support by creating several service facilities to handle rehabilitation. People can buy one directly from Valve for $399 if they are interested.

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