New Wine Analysis Instrument by FOSS to be A Game Changer

FOSS is one of the global providers of highly technical solutions used in the food and agricultural industries. The company launched its OenoFoss 2. The new instrument allows winemakers for analyzing the wine.

The new model offers faster and easy-to-use than the original version OenoFoss that was launched in 2008. According to the program director of wine & beer, Søren Thiis Heide has said that the program is more intuitive.

He also said that the old instrument is also fantastic but it uses a method that is more dependent on the skills of the user. With the new device, users can make wine and focus on it with the machine providing the data.

It offers superior performance each time without the need for a trained operator. The device is also easier to start with. The game-changing gadget can tackle complexities of the sparkling wine and gives winemakers the data to make informed decisions. The decisions include when to pick, ferment, and chill the bottle of wine.

It gets easier for sparkling wines to be analyzed with OenoFoss 2, so cellar masters can focus on the important business of making wine.

The winemaker takes the sample of wine, takes under presses play, and pipette with 34 different parameters starting from glucose, ethanol, and fructose.

The machine uses Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) technology for scanning wine samples using mathematical modeling and spectrum analysis for the determination of different values. All the samples measured from the last 23 years have been used to make a compelling proposal.

It has been developed using hundreds of samples from all over the world that has been collected since 1999.

Jonas Tofterup MW, a Danish winemaker has given a review of the product by saying that it has a wide set of parameters that have made an impact.

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