Halo To Bring “Truly Driverless” Teleoperated Carsharing By Year End

Halo Car, a Las Vegas-based teleoperations and carsharing startup, reportedly announced that they will eliminate the safety operator from the vehicle. This will be the last addition ahead of its commercial launch later this year.

In a tweet, it was announced that Halo’s teleoperated car would launch with no one behind the wheel.

The launch will mark as an achievement for the Halo Car as it will mean that humans will remotely use the public streets remotely. It will also have car-sharing service for the customers.

This approach for car sharing caught the attention of many investors as the company has garnered USD 5 million in the seed round guided by climate tech fund At One Ventures on Wednesday.

The tech fund also marked the participation of T-Mobile Ventures, Booster V.C., and Earthshot Ventures. The funds are set to support the startup with expansion plans beyond Las Vegas and their plan to scale its number to 1000 EVs by 2023.

Halo Car is different from vehicle technology organizations such as Aurora, Argo AI, Waymo, Cruise, and Zoox as they have self-driving systems, which navigate the public streets without any human assistance.

It crosses with the business model of Zipcar, which lets customers take up the car where it was last parked by the previous customers. However, Halo Car drops the car straight to the next customer.

Halo Car is a startup that combines car sharing and teleoperations founded by Anand Nandakumar. He also led the self-driving unit Advanced Technologies Group of Uber.

The operators of the Halo Car work out of the company’s Las Vegas headquarters remotely using Ultra Capacity midband 5G network of T-Mobiles, and also extended range low-band 5G networks and on LTE.

A human operator uses a stimulator, which has a TV monitor, a gearshift, a steering wheel, and pedals. It looks out for trashcans, cars, bicyclists, pedestrians, and other obstacles when the car is in a driverless manner.

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