Meta Quest 2 VS PSVR2: Does PS2 Have a Chance?

According to the reports, two brand-new bulky Virtual reality handsets will be released. Sony’s PlayStation VR2 will launch in the month of February, and Meta Quest 3 is expected to launch at the end of the year (Meta’s connect conference is typically held in the fall, and the company’s new devices are introduced and released shortly thereafter).

One thing that can be counted on is that many Virtual reality handsets will be widely available around the world in time for the next holiday shopping season.

Since 2019, Meta Quest 1 & 2 have been able to dominate the market all by themselves. If the business decides to commercialize Pico 4 or its possible successor in the US by then, Pico might also be running in the running for the top Spot.

Two Headsets, Two Markets

If sources are to be believed, Meta has till now sold beyond 10 million Quest headsets. In terms of an ecosystem, Sony is effectively starting from scratch again since the latter device is a discontinued model, and PlayStation VR 2 is not back-compatible with PlayStation VR.

As per the sources, the PlayStation VR 2 and buyer groups of Meta Quest overlap, but they are not similar. PlayStation VR 2 requires a console, can render games with more demanding graphics and gameplay, and costs significantly more than Meta Quest 2, which is wired.

Market Forecast: Autonomous VR Dominates

A market research firm specializing in technology, Omdia, published a revenue forecast for VR content and headsets from 2022 to 2027. As per Omdia, this year, Meta records 76 % of all headset sales.

Meta Quest is by far the prime VR environment, with more than ten million VR headsets sold. According to Omdia, it could stay that way, as standalone VR devices will maintain their leadership in the market.

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