Google Will Now Test its 3D Video Calling Booths, Project Starline

Google is still experimenting with a different kind of fake reality while Meta is trying to get customers to put on its VR headsets so they may enter the Metaverse: Project Starline, which is a holographic video chat project.

Last year, Starline, a video-calling booth with a 3D image, high-resolution cameras, proprietary depth sensor sensors, and breakthrough light field display, enabled callers without headsets to have a lifelike experience.

Several enterprise partners, including T-Mobile, Salesforce, T-Mobile, and WeWork, will use Starline in their workplaces under an early access program launched by Google.

Later this year, Google said, it will start putting Project Starline prototypes in a few partner workplaces for ongoing testing.

The 3D calling booths were previously available in Google’s headquarters in the United States, where staff members could test them out for events like meetings and employee onboarding processes, among other things. Additionally, the business invited more than 100 business partners from industries like healthcare, retail, and media to test out the technology at its offices and provide feedback.

Through the early access program, collaborators can test the booths at their workplaces, giving Google useful input and understanding of the challenges and real-world applications of such a technology.

Those who have had the chance to try Project Starline have said that, even at this early stage, the technology is extraordinarily lifelike and amazing.

Meanwhile, technology like Starline could fill the gap between either meeting or the less-than-ideal 2D video chat experience we currently have as more organizations experiment with the hybrid future of work model.

Partners like WeWork and Salesforce expressed interest in experimenting with the technology, which they think may enable human interactions to become more profound.

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