Iliad Unveils New Payment Option for Smooth Workflow

Iliad, the telecom corporation of French billionaire, Xavier Neil, launches a new payment subsidiary named Stancer. Reducing transaction costs is the corporation’s principal motto, and the team is focusing on this thing in particular.

Already, this platform is available to online stores, enterprises, and French retailers, said company officials. The firm already uses this platform for many of its tasks and currently processes 200,000 transactions daily.

Asa business, Stancer accepts payments both offline and in-person. For online transactions, Stancer’s users can take credit card payments and SEPA direct debits.

If sources are to be believed, it may process one-time payments as well as regular installments. Stancer’s further allows SEPA bank transfers for greater amounts.

On card transactions, a €0.15 fee is levied in the European Economic Area and a variable fee could cost around 0.7%.

The €0.10 fixed fee and 0.4% variable fee that Stancer’s charges For SEPA direct debits are slightly lower than the fees that the service charges for credit card payments.

Stancer’s has numerous integration options, including an application programming interface, a Stancer-hosted payment page, CMS plugins, and pop-in or iframe.

Verifone payment terminal will also be provided to the brick-and-mortar stores to accept the card payments in the shop. Further, the firm will charge €0.07+ 0.7% on European Economic Area card transactions if the user opts for this terminal.

For online payments, the corporation is still working on Google Pay support and Apple Pay to improve its portfolio in the French market.

Using this platform one can also generate a QR code for payments in store and create a payment link to gather payments from the customer’s cellphone. Further, this link can be shared in a WhatsApp message via an email, said Iliad.

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