James Cameron’s film Passes USD 600 Mn at Global Box Office

Avatar: The Way of Water, directed by James Cameron, has maintained its dominance at the box office in India slightly below predictions. According to reports, the science fiction epic came in with only Rs 193 crore in its first week of release.

On Thursday, advance screenings of The Way of Water were held, and then on Friday, the film was made available to the general public. With Rs 41 crore earned on its first day of release in India, it became the second-biggest Hollywood opening of all time in the country, behind only Avengers: Endgame.

On its first day in theatres, Endgame made Rs 53 crore, and it ended its run in India with Rs 373 crore. On Saturday, the film brought in Rs 42 crores, on Sunday, it earned Rs 47 crores, on Monday, it made Rs 18.5 crores, on Tuesday, it made Rs 16.5 crores, on Wednesday, it made Rs 15 crores, and on Thursday, it is expected to make Rs 14 crores.

China, the film’s biggest market, contributed an additional $70.5 million to its total, despite major COVID outbreaks, and France’s performance added $37 million to its total.

The film is also continuing to see widespread success on a global scale. China, the film’s biggest market, contributed an additional $70.5 million.

Alongside the $26.5 million in ticket sales the picture has brought in from India and the $26.1 million it has brought in from Germany, the film is experiencing tremendous momentum in Korea with $32.1 million.

The movie is now ranked fifth among the highest-grossing Hollywood films released in 2022 outside of the United States. This places it in sixth place overall, just below Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and just ahead of Thor: Love and Thunder.

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