Web3 Launch of 15 Blockchain Games By ImmutableX

The library of blockchain games that ImmutableX powers with its Web3 platform now includes 15 new games.

Big Web3 projects are launching or migrating to Immutable’s platform, the Australia-based startup that developed the ImmutableX Layer 2 scaling solution on Ethereum.

These include characters like Batman and Superman from DC Comics as well as the playable triple-A video game Delysium.

According to the business, ImmutableX is a Layer 2 solution that can lower costs and speed up Ethereum transactions. Additionally, it provides higher scalability, reliability, and security, as a result, projects are switching over.

In order to provide incentives for initiatives, Immutable announced in June the creation of a $500 M venture investment and development fund. The fund was established to hasten the development of the ImmutableX system by providing financial aid and expertise in blockchain gaming, including direct access to advisory for game design, tokenomics, marketing support, and community.

The brand is attracting both new projects and projects moving from other ecosystems. The release of hybrid digital/physical trading cards based on illustrious superheroes like Superman and Batman, with their digital components minted on ImmutableX, was announced by Cartamundi and Warner Bros. Consumer Products in March.

Over the past four years, the platform has been tested in a petri dish at the company’s own Immutable Games Studio. Both the upcoming Guild of Guardians and the classic Gods Unchained were among its offerings.

ImmutableX makes use of Starkware’s ZK roll-up technology. Additionally, it serves as the foundation for Web3 games like Planet Quest, Embersword, Illuvium, Guild of Guardians, and many more.

320 people work for Immutable. ImmutableX is open source, and as a result, hundreds of games, from indie-stage projects to high-end titles like Delysium, are being developed on the platform.

The business has a $500 million developer fund to encourage Web3 game innovation and enable the widespread adoption of the following generation of Web3 gaming. For its NFT market, it collaborates with GameStop.

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