Activision & Microsoft Merger Probed By EU Gaming Strategy

The parliamentary body adopted a resolution on Thursday acknowledging the cultural and monetary worth including both esports and video games.

The proposal will give the European Parliament’s (MEPs) members the responsibility of creating a long-term legislative and investment plan to advance the sector in Europe.

With 560 votes in favor, 34 against, and 16 abstentions, the motion was handily approved. This is partly owing to the resolution is not legally binding. Moreover, it is a clear indication that MEPs are keeping an eye on the sector.

On November 9, Laurence Farreng, a representative for the Committee for Culture and Education (CULT), argued her position in front of lawmakers.

As justifications for the MEPs passing the resolution, she cited the underrepresentation of women, the cultural and economic benefits of gaming and esports, and the transnational aspect of Europe.

Several MEPs and European Commissioner Breton Thierry spoke in favor of the resolution and echoed the arguments made in CULT’s initial resolution. Many people in particular suggested that video games are a good way to draw in and keep highly trained workers.

Additionally, they indicated a desire to take advantage of the situation to enact “anti-addiction measures, notably the outlawing of loot boxes.

The resolution is merely the first in a series of steps. Implementation would be the next major challenge, according to Nepomuk Nothelfer, a European legal expert who the EU hired to write the report, in an interview with Esports Insider.

Nothelfer said, he has a hunch following the resolution, the real job will start. It’s still quite tricky in esports. He gets the impression that the succeeding steps will be drawn out.

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