Apple to Restrict Everyone Option in Airdrop to 10 Minutes in China

A change in the IOS 16.211 update for Chinese users is turning some heads. Apple is restricting the everyone option in Airdrop to 10 minutes on iPhones purchased in mainland China, according to the reports.

Apple claims to be enhancing the Airdrop experience by resetting the receiving settings to contact only after 10 minutes to prevent unsolicited file sharing.

In response to this, others argue that apple should have made this feature available to all users a long time ago because it is easy to drop the Airdrop and end up with unwanted content from unknown users.

However, others see Apple’s decision as a response to recent events in China and argue that the company is trying to avoid any potential backlash there. Apple has stated that it intends to make its functionality available to people all across the world in the upcoming years.

The firm said if users want to get files from everyone, users need to modify their Airdrop default setting to contact only.

To enable instant file transferring, Airdrop uses peer-to-peer Wi-Fi technology and Bluetooth Low Energy. As the country’s top leadership reshuffled, people were using these features to share politically delicate content with others.

As per the sources, Apple has managed to hold its supremacy in China, particularly among more prosperous demographics, despite the rise of local rivals like Oppo and Huawei.

According to Counterpoint’s research, iPhones accounted for 13% of handset shipments in China in the second quarter, down from 22% and 18% in Q4 and Q1, respectively.

If sources are to be believed, Apple has a history of applying more severe rules on content-related services in China, including podcasts and games.

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