Microsoft Says Cloud Gaming Is “Immature” And “Unproven”

Cloud game streaming services have become a very hot topic in the video game industry in recent years. Microsoft, a software tech giant, claims that the technology is still in its infancy and that its time to shine is still a long way off, despite the fact that a number of prominent game firms have already invested huge amounts of money in their cloud gaming platforms.

In a letter emailed to the United Kingdom’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), Microsoft stated that the company did not anticipate the current state of affairs to improve within the next few years.

The corporation views cloud gaming as “a young and immature technology,” and it does not anticipate that it will ever replace traditional gaming consoles or personal computers.

The CMA announced that it would conduct a thorough examination into whether or not Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision would have an adverse effect on competition in the British market.

The authority said that Microsoft’s removal of Call of Duty from PlayStation or the inclusion of Activision’s titles on its cloud gaming service would have a significant impact on the company’s competitors.

Multiple international agencies, as well as the United States Federal Trade Commission, are looking into the purchase.

As an effort to boost its console sales, which lag behind Sony’s, Microsoft has regularly promoted cloud gaming as a means to play its games.

Microsoft presented its cloud gaming service Project xCloud to gamers in 2019 during the industry’s most prestigious trade expo, E3, which was also one of the industry’s last in-person conferences until events resumed in 2022.

The company claimed that the service was capable of playing all 3,500 titles in the Xbox library as well as an additional 1,900 games that were still in the development stage.

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