New Contractors Update Brings Customization & Better Gaming Experience

The latest version of the modkit for the famous fast-paced VR multiplayer shooter has recently received a significant update that is now accessible to players. This update brings numerous features as well as upgrades to the modkit that permit even further customization, said Caveman Studio’s Contractors.

These alterations with several new mod templates will make modding handier for players and faster for experienced modders, the gaming studio confirmed.

The company officials said the modkit holds some new additions that provide modders with even more varieties for crafting the game’s environment. Despite this, the firm is aiming to add five new game types and some new custom weaponry.

The animations of the throwable items have been completely reworked in order to give players a more realistic feel when they come into contact with other objects.

The firm said, with this update, the user will enjoy the best gaming experience enriched with better motions. Further, these alterations give players a sense of better graphics, such as melee weapons that will bounce back if hit with force.

Further, the mechanics of the game are the primary focus. This can significantly impact the player’s ability to become immersed in the game, said the firm.

In addition, the developers of the game noted that due to a lagging network, tactical loads were becoming increasingly annoying for the players during combat.

They revised the lag compensation network coding to make reloading far more streamlined and responsive than they were previously, said officials.


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