Sparrow, A New Robot Arm That Picks Up Bins, Launched By Amazon

Despite Amazon purchasing Kiva Systems ten years ago, the startup’s bin-moving robots continue to be the core of its warehouse robotics strategy.

There is a reason, for instance, why the recently unveiled Proteus robot effectively resembles a green (or, as robotics VP Joseph Quinlivan put it, “Seahawks green”) variant of one of those systems.

The retail behemoth has expanded the usage of its warehouse “bots” over time; today, fulfillment facilities all around the United States are home to hundreds of thousands of them.

Robot arms are a significant component of that, as one might anticipate. The two most notable examples are Cardinal, which launches this year, and Robin, which made its debut 18 months ago. Both were created to move items and send them on their route inside the warehouse.

Cardinal is essentially a box-filled package-packing version of Robin. Approximately 1,000 Robin units are now working at Amazon warehouses.

Sparrow is made to pick up things directly, not just the roughly 15 various types of packages. Building a robotic system that can pick at these speeds involves a lot of obstacles due to the variation of shape, size and substance.

Sparrow will take on tedious chores while collaborating with our staff, freeing up their time and energy for other activities while also enhancing safety. In order to continue providing for clients, Sparrow will help us increase productivity by automating a crucial step in our fulfillment process.

Our dedication to helping employees advance their careers is exemplified by the Robotics Apprenticeship AND Amazon Mechatronic.

An Amazon-funded 12-week classroom apprenticeship program, followed by 2,000 hours of on-the-job learning and industry-recognized certifications, aids our employees in learning new skills and pursuing technical maintenance careers that are in high demand.

Team member remuneration for program participants improves by about 40% when the apprenticeship is over.

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