Meta Unveils New $1,499 VR Headset, Joins Hands With Microsoft

Meta recently unveiled the USD 1,499 Quest Pro VR headset.

According to CEO Mark Zuckerberg, it was specifically designed with work in mind. Meta is integrating a Personal Office feature into Horizon Workrooms that lets users design their own unique workspace in the Metaverse.

Zuckerberg believes one of the best aspects of VR is that users can design settings that go beyond what is conceivable in the real world. Users can instantly access their ideal workspace, which is set up exactly how they want, no matter where they are, and the same is true for productivity setups.

According to Meta CTO Andrew Bosworth, Quest may ultimately be the only monitor consumers require.

In 2016, Virtual Desktop, a comparable app, first became accessible on the Oculus Rift. Therefore, integrating your PC into virtual reality is not exactly a novel concept. However, based on the little excerpt from today’s presentation, it appears that Meta has improved upon their original concept.

It is difficult to envision individuals utilizing a VR headset to work eight-hour days, no matter how sophisticated a virtual workspace becomes. Will people really want to strap displays to their faces if they currently experience eyestrain and headaches from using a computer?

Executives from Meta are nonetheless certain that this is the best course of action.

Before announcing the Quest Pro and Meta’s collaboration with Microsoft, Zuckerberg said, “There’s a potential for a VR headset designed from the bottom up to be terrific for work, as well as playing games and hanging out.

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