Consider These Things Before You Buy Meta Quest 2

Meta Quest 2 continues to provide the finest price-performance ratio of any currently on-the-market VR headset two years after its global release. Even after the $100 price rise in August 2022, this will remain the case.

That’s correct; Meta Quest 2 is now more expensive than it was when it first hit the market two years ago.

You can see that the Quest platform has evolved over the past two years thanks to extensive updates by looking at the user interface, the numerous features that have been added since launch, and the wide variety of apps available. VR headsets like the Pico 4 (review), which have partially superior hardware, are unable to match that as of yet.

The launch of Meta Quest 3 takes us to the most crucial point: Quest 2 is approaching the end of its lifespan and will be superseded by Meta Quest 3 in 2023. However, the age of the headgear does not simply offer advantages.

Quest 3 was introduced by Mark Zuckerberg in October. He stated that its price would be between $300 and $500, roughly the same as Quest 2.

According to rumors, the new, more powerful processor generation, the emphasis on Mixed Reality, and, most crucially, a longer lifespan will distinguish the Meta Quest 3 from the present device.

After the introduction of its successor, Meta is anticipated to support The Quest 2 for a while before gradually “fading out”—just like The Quest, for which many new VR games are no longer developed.

Due to this, you should consider purchasing Quest 3 instead of Meta Quest 2 as a standalone XR game for Christmas.

Speaking of the upcoming VR generation: If you already own or want to get a Playstation 5, value stunning visuals, enjoy playing VR games, and don’t mind the cord, you might want to purchase a Playstation VR 2.

Although Sony’s VR headset costs far more than competing models ($550 / 600 Euros) and requires a PS5, it offers generally superior technology. On February 22, 2023, the Playstation VR 2 will be available.

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